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Creaky Wooden Bed

I went back to visit with my folks this last December (2009).   They always have cool stuff around their house and land that inspire some interesting recording projects, so I grabbed some of my gear and hit the road. For this entry, I’ll focus on one of their louder noisemakers.  Their guest room bed. They’ve had this bed since before I was born and from what I understand, it’s over a hundred years old.  When they originally brought it … Continue reading

Zoom H4: The Review

Apologies for not updating more frequently (I don’t even think anyone knows about this site, so it doesn’t really matter if I apologize or not. Mhuahahaa). So next up is a review of Samson’s Zoom H4 (pictured left…obviously)! Keep in mind that all reviews are based from a sound designer’s point of view unless otherwise noted. The H4 is a little larger than a handheld device (I have small hands) with two internal mics in an X/Y stereo spectrum configuration. … Continue reading