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RESULTS: How Do You Listen To Your Media?

Last month, I setup a survey to gauge the listening habits of people and their media. I’ve tallied up the votes and came across some pretty interesting information! The metrics involved just over 70 people. Not a be-all-end-all survey, by any stretch, but a nice little “focus” test to see how people listen to their stuff. I tried to get a myriad of different types of consumers. From audio nerds, to “regular” people, to some friends/family, and to coworkers. The … Continue reading

Survey: How Do You Listen to Your Media?

I’ve been thinking about end-user listening habits lately and I decided to put together a little survey to see how people listen to their media when they are at home or on the road. This kind of stuff is interesting to me and it helps to get a small “focus test” of how consumers hear my work and the work of my colleagues. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Rabbit Ears Audio

Please welcome to the stage, Rabbit Ears Audio! Michael Raphael is incredibly active within the online sound recordist/designer scene with his field recording blog, fieldsepulchra, and has recently announced his debut sound library: REA001 Rockets! If you follow Michael’s work, then you know the quality of his recordings.  He has used a myriad of different microphone models and configurations and his incredibly keen ear; so you can bet that this will be a highly useful library.  When it comes to … Continue reading