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Recording: Saturday Morning Downpour

Woke up this morning to hear rain battering the windows.  Stumbled out of bed and got the rig setup. There are three recordings in one here: 1) Interior Rain – I set the mics up in the back porch and pointed them up towards the corner so the mid would capture where both sides met and the side channel would pick-up the spread throughout the rest of the porch. 2) Drainage into bucket – There’s a nice sized hole in the drainage … Continue reading

Dear Garage Door: A Love Letter

So, I started going through more field recordings from my parents’ place and came across several that are based around their garage door. Sure, it’s not much to look at…but the thing has personality.   The first round of recording was during a really windy winter day, so I just set up the recorder, sat down in a corner and let it record for a bit.  After awhile, I started wandering around and opening some of the small windows to … Continue reading

Creaky Wooden Bed

I went back to visit with my folks this last December (2009).   They always have cool stuff around their house and land that inspire some interesting recording projects, so I grabbed some of my gear and hit the road. For this entry, I’ll focus on one of their louder noisemakers.  Their guest room bed. They’ve had this bed since before I was born and from what I understand, it’s over a hundred years old.  When they originally brought it … Continue reading