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Writing an Audio Design Document

I often get asked how I “start” a project.  This is a big question.  Multiple things happen all at the same time, but one of the “filters” that I generally use to collect all of these items into a centralized place is the Audio Design Document (also called an audio style guide, sonic bible, etc…).  This becomes a road-map for myself, the audio team, and the project team as a whole on how I guide the audio component of any project that … Continue reading

Game Audio Theory: Ducking

The following post was inspired by several conversations and practices that I’ve had over the years regarding the subject of “ducking” in video games. Sometimes people feel like this is an unnecessary feature in an audio engine, but given the unpredictable nature of player behavior, I feel it’s a bit foolish to dismiss it out of hand. Oftentimes in movies, television shows, radio broadcasts, etc, etc…when important dialogue starts to play the rest of the audioscape (including sound effects and … Continue reading