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Recording: Air Ducts

Whenever I move into a new place, I try to go through and record all the vents, doors, cabinets, and anything else that might make a noise.  I recently unearthed a few recordings of some air ducts I did shortly after moving into my current place.  Each vent has its own personality and some of them get REALLY loud.  In the following clip, I moved the mic around to different locations within the airflow and then started tweaking the vent … Continue reading

SoundWorks Collection Profile: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Here’s another great sound profile from SoundWorks Collection. This time it’s all about those crazy apes! Some really great production footage of Andy Serkis as “Caeser” and how they combined his vocalizations with vocalizations of actual chimps from the Chimp Haven. Enjoy! SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of Rise of the Planet of the Apes from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. Info from SoundWorks Collection: Acting as a foundation with an origin story for a new film series, Director Rupert Wyatt takes … Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole: Modular Synthesis

I’ve been on the precipice of building a modular synth rig for a number of years now. It’s always been something that’s been incredibly interesting and somewhat intimidating for me. No presets? What? No undo? What? What?? No software registration? YES. Anyway, a couple of months ago, I decided to go for it. I started doing some heavy duty research in terms of what was currently available and relevant in the modular world, what the online “scene” was like (I … Continue reading

Sound Profile: Unstoppable

My Dad is a train nut. I mean…he had a room built on to their house specifically for his model train layout and storage of all of the engines and cars that he’s collected throughout the years. He crazy. The latest SoundWorks Collection doc on the action-thriller Unstoppable will definitely hold his interest. There is some truly remarkable and beefy sounds in this little doc, so enjoy! I might have to call my Dad and see if he wants to … Continue reading

Recording: Bowing Glass

My roommates and I were prepping for a pretty massive garage sale last month and between the three of us, we had a number of dishes that we didn’t want.  We decided to go through and get rid of a ton of wine glasses, but I wanted to do some recording with them before they disappeared.  I grabbed a few glasses and started bowing them. As I was recording, I decided it would be fun to play with the tones … Continue reading

Recording: Saturday Morning Downpour

Woke up this morning to hear rain battering the windows.  Stumbled out of bed and got the rig setup. There are three recordings in one here: 1) Interior Rain – I set the mics up in the back porch and pointed them up towards the corner so the mid would capture where both sides met and the side channel would pick-up the spread throughout the rest of the porch. 2) Drainage into bucket – There’s a nice sized hole in the drainage … Continue reading

Rabbit Ears Audio

Please welcome to the stage, Rabbit Ears Audio! Michael Raphael is incredibly active within the online sound recordist/designer scene with his field recording blog, fieldsepulchra, and has recently announced his debut sound library: REA001 Rockets! If you follow Michael’s work, then you know the quality of his recordings.  He has used a myriad of different microphone models and configurations and his incredibly keen ear; so you can bet that this will be a highly useful library.  When it comes to … Continue reading


I’ve decided to have some link backs to a few really great videos that I like revisiting from time to time. SoundWorks Collection (http://soundworkscollection.com/) has some amazing resources available to us as sound designers, editors, mixers, recordists, etc… This following is a special feature about Foley Artist Legend: Mr. Gary Hecker Gary Hecker, Veteran Foley Artist from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. From SoundWorks Collection: Award-winning Foley artist Gary Hecker recently joined CSS Studios’ Todd-AO in late 2009. One of the … Continue reading