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Audio Process: My Sunday Journey

I recently ran location/post audio for a short film that a few friends of mine did over a weekend for the Philips Cinema Parallel Lines contest (http://www.youtube.com/philipscinema). We didn’t win, but we had a great time spending an incredibly hot shoot in a garage without air-conditioning on a summer day in Dallas, TX (the outside temp was 98 degrees and inside the garage was roughly 110). All the entries had to contain the same six mandatory lines of dialogue: What … Continue reading

Randy Thom & How To Train Your Dragon & Communication

Anyone in the sound-design field knows the name Randy Thom.  If you don’t…school yourself.  Many also know how active Randy is on online newsgroups and forums. He’s incredibly open and willing to share his experiences, knowledge, and thoughts on telling stories through audio (which is the very definition of audire fabula). He’s also always ready to fight the good fight in terms of getting audio more recognized, respected, and talked about within the industry. Randy is an incredible inspiration for … Continue reading