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Recording: Air Ducts

Whenever I move into a new place, I try to go through and record all the vents, doors, cabinets, and anything else that might make a noise.  I recently unearthed a few recordings of some air ducts I did shortly after moving into my current place.  Each vent has its own personality and some of them get REALLY loud.  In the following clip, I moved the mic around to different locations within the airflow and then started tweaking the vent … Continue reading

Rabbit Ears Audio

Please welcome to the stage, Rabbit Ears Audio! Michael Raphael is incredibly active within the online sound recordist/designer scene with his field recording blog, fieldsepulchra, and has recently announced his debut sound library: REA001 Rockets! If you follow Michael’s work, then you know the quality of his recordings.  He has used a myriad of different microphone models and configurations and his incredibly keen ear; so you can bet that this will be a highly useful library.  When it comes to … Continue reading