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Whew!  It’s been a little while since my last update!  Several changes have been happening in my world lately; the most notable is that I have resigned from id Software and will be moving to the Pacific Northwest area very shortly (like…in three days)!  I’m sad to say goodbye to my id family and will always be excited to see what they come up with, but I am ridiculously excited for the future. In the meantime, I’m pleased to announce … Continue reading

Job Opening: ZeniMax Online – Voice Over Designer/Editor

For all of your Voice Over Editors out there, here’s a link to a possible job opening in the Zenimax Online development wing: http://jobs.zenimax.com/index.php?a=view_job&jobid=81 Special note: I am NOT the point of contact on this position. I’m simply passing info on. Here’s the job description… Voiceover Designer Hunt Valley, MD Responsibilities Voiceover production for a large-scale MMO, with tens of thousands of lines of dialog Managing the script and coordinating with the writers, content teams, etc. Recording and editing internally … Continue reading