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Recording: 1969 Chevy Camaro 427 V8 big block

A couple of weeks ago, I was up visiting my family at my brother’s place.  He’s had a ’69 Camaro for over 15 years that he’s been meticulously restoring. This is what it looked like shortly after he originally got it. This is what it looks like these days. As you can see; it is a gorgeous piece of hardware. — We decided to test out my dpa 4061s with a quick and dirty recording session.  We mounted the mics … Continue reading

Recording: Air Ducts

Whenever I move into a new place, I try to go through and record all the vents, doors, cabinets, and anything else that might make a noise.  I recently unearthed a few recordings of some air ducts I did shortly after moving into my current place.  Each vent has its own personality and some of them get REALLY loud.  In the following clip, I moved the mic around to different locations within the airflow and then started tweaking the vent … Continue reading

Sound Recording: Plunger

Did a really quick upload to a small snippet from a 30 minute session of me with a plunger in a toilet. Yep. That’s how I spend my Wednesday nights. No editing or anything. Just sliced it out of the session and uploaded. Have fun! PLUNGER water toilet gurgle slosh splash water liquid ZQ 2 (Snippet) by Zachary Quarles

Recording: Saturday Morning Downpour

Woke up this morning to hear rain battering the windows.  Stumbled out of bed and got the rig setup. There are three recordings in one here: 1) Interior Rain – I set the mics up in the back porch and pointed them up towards the corner so the mid would capture where both sides met and the side channel would pick-up the spread throughout the rest of the porch. 2) Drainage into bucket – There’s a nice sized hole in the drainage … Continue reading

Recording: Paper Shredder

So I’ve been in the process of doing a pretty massive Spring (Fall) Cleaning sweep through the house and prepping for an epic yard sale to get rid of tons of stuff that I never use or care about any more.  In the process of doing this, I did an extensive clean to the office/studio.  I setup the paper shredder to tear through some of my documents and was digging how the servo motors were winding down.  I set up … Continue reading

Audio Process: My Sunday Journey

I recently ran location/post audio for a short film that a few friends of mine did over a weekend for the Philips Cinema Parallel Lines contest (http://www.youtube.com/philipscinema). We didn’t win, but we had a great time spending an incredibly hot shoot in a garage without air-conditioning on a summer day in Dallas, TX (the outside temp was 98 degrees and inside the garage was roughly 110). All the entries had to contain the same six mandatory lines of dialogue: What … Continue reading