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Recording: 1969 Chevy Camaro 427 V8 big block

A couple of weeks ago, I was up visiting my family at my brother’s place.  He’s had a ’69 Camaro for over 15 years that he’s been meticulously restoring. This is what it looked like shortly after he originally got it. This is what it looks like these days. As you can see; it is a gorgeous piece of hardware. — We decided to test out my dpa 4061s with a quick and dirty recording session.  We mounted the mics … Continue reading

Rabbit Ears Audio

Please welcome to the stage, Rabbit Ears Audio! Michael Raphael is incredibly active within the online sound recordist/designer scene with his field recording blog, fieldsepulchra, and has recently announced his debut sound library: REA001 Rockets! If you follow Michael’s work, then you know the quality of his recordings.  He has used a myriad of different microphone models and configurations and his incredibly keen ear; so you can bet that this will be a highly useful library.  When it comes to … Continue reading