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RESULTS: How Do You Listen To Your Media?

Last month, I setup a survey to gauge the listening habits of people and their media. I’ve tallied up the votes and came across some pretty interesting information! The metrics involved just over 70 people. Not a be-all-end-all survey, by any stretch, but a nice little “focus” test to see how people listen to their stuff. I tried to get a myriad of different types of consumers. From audio nerds, to “regular” people, to some friends/family, and to coworkers. The … Continue reading

SoundWorks Collection: Toy Story 3

Another great video from SoundWorks Collection this morning!  This one is focused on Pixar’s latest, Toy Story 3, directed by Mr. Lee Unkrich. This particular video goes into the push into 3d and more widespread use of 7.1 Surround in theatres.  Some interesting notes in how the audio team interacted with Mr. Randy Newman in terms of blocking out the beats for music well before it hit the screen and notes regarding timing with audio and how to sell a … Continue reading