Reinstate the Tony Award Categories for Sound Design Now!

Apparently, I am furious. The Tony Awards has decided that the work of sound designers does not deserve the recognition of other disciplines such as scenic, lighting, or costume design (  This is absolutely flabbergasting to me.  The Tony Awards are supposed to represent the perfect unity of all disciplines in a live theatrical experience.  I would like to think that sound plays a pretty pivotal role with this experience.  Apparently, The Tony Awards feels differently.  But hey, “The committee … Continue reading

Audible Worlds Interview

My pal Mike Niederquell over at Audible Worlds and I chatted for a bit via the interwebs and he posted the interview here.  Check it out if you are interested in nerdy audio talk!  Thanks, Mike! Also, you should follow Mike on the twitterverse:

Exercising Your Creative Muscles and Embracing the Side-Project

To continue the theme of finding random stuff in my archive, I came across an audio exercise that I did a couple of years ago.  It started off as an audio test that didn’t gain traction; but I had a blast working on it, so I finished it out and tucked it away.  It’s a moody scene from a little film starring our favorite xenomorphs: Audio Exercise: Xenomorphs from Zachary Quarles on Vimeo. I have done a number of these sorts of … Continue reading

Here Comes Jermaine

I was going through some of my archives and came across this. My buddy Jermaine Blackwell ( was starting a VBlog a couple of years ago and was looking for an intro song. He asked me for some ideas, so I gave him the first thing that came to mind: Death Metal. This track includes two versions: with vocals and then the original scratch track. I did all of the music and vocals and then had my brother Josh do … Continue reading

SoundWorks Collection Profile: Gravity

I just watched Gravity yesterday and…good sweet merciful crap.  Such an amazing film on so many fronts, but for all of you sound-designers out there; it is REQUIRED viewing. No excuses. Go out RIGHT NOW and experience this phenomenal film, then come back here and watch this video: I’m still trying to really collect my thoughts on the movie as a whole; but when I remove the emotional aspect and I focus specifically on the audio-design and mix, I get inspired. … Continue reading

Galactic Reign

Hey all!  A game that I helped out with last year went live on the Windows Store.  It’s called Galactic Reign.  It’s an asynchronous space-sim where you play against different people and try to build up your space fleet, colonize worlds, and destroy your opponent.  A super cool element occurs when you start combat with someone.  It throws everything up into the cloud and creates a procedural pre-rendered cinematic of the battle based off of you and your opponent’s stats and ships. … Continue reading

Supersonic Flight – Sonic Booms

My dad sent me this amazing video explaining what happens when the speed of sound is broken today: Granted, the sound quality itself is bad…but holy crap, it is still so ridiculously cool. This reminded me of an element of my childhood that I hold in a very special place my heart.  When we were living in Phoenix, Arizona, we would periodically pile into our massive sky blue van, stop at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and make the trek out to Luke … Continue reading

Quick Interview with “Get a Game Career”

Hey y’alls – Just a quick update that I had an impromptu five question Q&A with Deke over at Check it: Meet a Video Game Pro – Zack Quarles, Audio Director