I periodically write music. I used to work as a composer, but now I classify myself as a “musical sound designer”. I recently started releasing music under an alter ego called “singlefrequency” ( I’ve embedded a couple of tracks from my bandcamp page below:

The Storm

The Storm began out of a concept that from a few choices, actions are set into motion that culminates into a massive force that cannot be stopped. It will eventually reach a climax and then will resolve while leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.

This piece materialized out of a couple of simple guitar chords and a very gradual/very powerful build. From there, multiple field recordings of local thunderstorms, shortwave radios, bad cabling futzing out, morse codes, and a host of additional outboard gear rounded out the primary structure.

Chad Seiter was gracious enough to sit down and write out a beautiful cello part and Brian Cachia busted out some powerful beats to augment some of the drum programming.

The Red Balloon

The Red Balloon is essentially an exercise. I decided I wouldn’t use any sample libraries or anything that wasn’t my own. At core, it’s using a couple of different passes using guitars and outboard gear and then using recordings of a whistling tea kettle.

Initially, I used my guitar routed through a looper pedal. It’s a simple three chord progression and then reversed. It’s routed through two distortion pedals and then through a dual-delay module. It’s all running through a small amp that I have mic’d with an sm57 and going into Nuendo. I basically let it run and record for several cycles. After cleaning it up a bit in Nuendo, I grabbed the guitar again and did the little melodic passages using essentially the same setup (although I changed settings on the delay), although I didn’t use the looper. I recorded that stuff live.