The following links are a handful of articles I’ve written or interviews that I’ve been a part of over the years. Some of them go back a number of years and make me cringe…ENJOY MY PAIN.


Breaking Into the Game Industry: Advice for a Successful Career from Those Who Have Done It (book)
This is a book by Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schreiber in which I am quoted.  This book is a great read with quotes from some legendary veterans in the games industry.  It was an honor to be asked to be a part of it.  If you’re interested, order it from!

Meet a Video Game Pro: Zack Quarles, Audio Director

This was a short Q&A that I had with Deke over at 


Charisma +2 Interview During QuakeCon 2010

This was an interview I did with Mary Morgan during QuakeCon 2010. If you’d like to read the full interview, check out this blog entry.


Charisma+2's Mary Morgan

CAS Quarterly Fall 2010 Edition (pdf)

This is the digital version of the CAS Quarterly Fall 2010 Edition issue where I’m featured along with Charles Deenan, Cory Hawthorne, and Justin Bell in an article titled: “That’s a Game?! A Glance at the World of Game Sound from the Ears of a Linear Mixer” by Karol Urban regarding mix practices for video games and the growth of video game mix technology.


Gamasutra Game Audio Theory: Ducking

An article I wrote for Gamasutra in January of 2009. This was originally based off of an old blog post that I wrote up which you can check out here.


Soldier of Fortune: Double-Helix IGN Designer Diary

This was a designer diary I did with IGN during the latter portion of Soldier of Fortune II development in 2002.