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After working in the Doom and Quake mod scenes for several years, I was hired in 2000 by Wisconsin-based developer Raven Software. While at Raven, I worked on titles such as: Star Trek: Elite Force, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, Soldier of Fortune II, X-Men: Legends, X-Men: Legends II, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Quake 4.

In 2006, I picked up stakes and moved to Chicago to accept the position of studio audio director for Day 1 Studios. In this position I interacted with the programming staff to incorporate audio within the proprietary Day 1 engine and tool suite, oversaw the audio “vision” for every title, worked with in-house sound personnel, created loads of content, worked with contractors, planned out work schedules and budget requirements, and generally went insane.

In 2009, I was approached by id Software to head up the audio for the latest incarnation in the Doom franchise, so I moved to Texas to create some demon sounds.

In 2012, I decided I hadn’t moved enough; so decided to head to the Pacific Northwest to take an Audio Director position at Microsoft. I’m loving both the organization and the area. I’m excited for the future and excited to make a home here in Seattle.

It should be stated that all thoughts expressed here on zacharyquarles.com are purely my own and are not necessarily the views of my employer.

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