Monthly Archives: September 2011

Recording: Air Ducts

Whenever I move into a new place, I try to go through and record all the vents, doors, cabinets, and anything else that might make a noise.  I recently unearthed a few recordings of some air ducts I did shortly after moving into my current place.  Each vent has its own personality and some of them get REALLY loud.  In the following clip, I moved the mic around to different locations within the airflow and then started tweaking the vent … Continue reading


I recently added a new page here on the ol’ blog that contains links to a few articles and/or interviews that I’ve done over the years. I know I have a few others lurking around somewhere…I’ll have to start digging through the archives… If you’re interested, check them out!  It’s pretty entertaining reading some of them from the first couple of years in my career.  I was a spaz.  Not any more.  I’m totally normal now.  Yep.

Sound Recording: Plunger

Did a really quick upload to a small snippet from a 30 minute session of me with a plunger in a toilet. Yep. That’s how I spend my Wednesday nights. No editing or anything. Just sliced it out of the session and uploaded. Have fun! PLUNGER water toilet gurgle slosh splash water liquid ZQ 2 (Snippet) by Zachary Quarles