Monthly Archives: September 2010

Sound Profile: The Social Network

David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin’s latest film The Social Network hits theaters everywhere tomorrow (September 30th).  I am incredibly excited for this film since I’m such a huge fan of both of their work.  Roll in Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross on the score and you have a pretty winning combination. SoundWorks Collection has released a new profile video based around the sound mix element of The Social Network with Sound Re-Recording Mixer and Supervising Sound Editor Ren Klyce.  I … Continue reading

Recording: Saturday Morning Downpour

Woke up this morning to hear rain battering the windows.  Stumbled out of bed and got the rig setup. There are three recordings in one here: 1) Interior Rain – I set the mics up in the back porch and pointed them up towards the corner so the mid would capture where both sides met and the side channel would pick-up the spread throughout the rest of the porch. 2) Drainage into bucket – There’s a nice sized hole in the drainage … Continue reading

Recording: Paper Shredder

So I’ve been in the process of doing a pretty massive Spring (Fall) Cleaning sweep through the house and prepping for an epic yard sale to get rid of tons of stuff that I never use or care about any more.  In the process of doing this, I did an extensive clean to the office/studio.  I setup the paper shredder to tear through some of my documents and was digging how the servo motors were winding down.  I set up … Continue reading

Job Opening: ZeniMax Online – Voice Over Designer/Editor

For all of your Voice Over Editors out there, here’s a link to a possible job opening in the Zenimax Online development wing: Special note: I am NOT the point of contact on this position. I’m simply passing info on. Here’s the job description… Voiceover Designer Hunt Valley, MD Responsibilities Voiceover production for a large-scale MMO, with tens of thousands of lines of dialog Managing the script and coordinating with the writers, content teams, etc. Recording and editing internally … Continue reading

Apple’s Anechoic Chambers

This video was created right around the signal controversy of the iPhone 4, but I thought it was just a cool video that shows off Apples 17 (!) anechoic chambers. Humorous that they couldn’t even out the dialogue levels in the video, though.