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Music from Star Wars: The Old Republic

Props to my friends Jesse Harlin and Wilbert Roget II!  Looking forward to it, guys! UPDATE: I’ve removed the embedded media because the autoplay functionality in WordPress seems to be a bit borked. From The emotional experience of Star Wars™ comes to life in new music created exclusively for The Old Republic™. From soft melodies that ring in the forest of Alderaan to the magnificent booming of a battle scene on Ord Mantell, a talented team of composers, musicians … Continue reading

Diego Stocco

Many of you are well-versed in Mr. Diego Stocco’s huge contributions to the sound-design/sampler world (he’s a producer and featured sound designer for Spectrasonics.  Many of his recordings/creations are available within the Atmosphere, Omnisphere, Trillian and Stylus RMX libraries). Diego’s experimental sound-design and musical instrument adventures are equally legendary. His use of real-world objects (both organic and manufactured) in his music pieces and sampler projects are both incredibly inspiring and staggeringly mind-boggling. He has been known to make entire piece … Continue reading

Inception: Live Performance with Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr

Live TV by Ustream

SoundWorks Collection: Terminator Salvation

Some great thoughts regarding metal recordings, using a Snarling Dog guitar pedal, and creating signature “Terminator” sounds.  Also some really cool bits about recording debris traces for the always gritty post-apocalyptic soundscape. “Terminator Salvation” Sound for Film Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. From SoundWorks Collection: Supervising sound editor and designer Cameron Frankley talks about the unique work his sound crew brought to Director McG’s fourth installment of the Terminator series. See the array of sounds that were recorded to bring … Continue reading

SoundWorks Collection: Toy Story 3

Another great video from SoundWorks Collection this morning!  This one is focused on Pixar’s latest, Toy Story 3, directed by Mr. Lee Unkrich. This particular video goes into the push into 3d and more widespread use of 7.1 Surround in theatres.  Some interesting notes in how the audio team interacted with Mr. Randy Newman in terms of blocking out the beats for music well before it hit the screen and notes regarding timing with audio and how to sell a … Continue reading