Monthly Archives: January 2010

Creaky Wooden Bed

I went back to visit with my folks this last December (2009).   They always have cool stuff around their house and land that inspire some interesting recording projects, so I grabbed some of my gear and hit the road. For this entry, I’ll focus on one of their louder noisemakers.  Their guest room bed. They’ve had this bed since before I was born and from what I understand, it’s over a hundred years old.  When they originally brought it … Continue reading

Acoustic Panel Construction

For anyone that is in the audio profession (or even hobbyist realm), you know that audio treatment for a mix/recording space can get pricey incredibly quickly.  I recently decided that I needed to treat my home studio but was keenly aware of just how expensive retail products can be (I’ve outfitted several studios with retail acoustic materials over the past decade).  I decided to do some research and came to a terrifying conclusion:  I Would Build My Own Acoustic Panels (or die … Continue reading