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Audible Worlds Interview

My pal Mike Niederquell over at Audible Worlds and I chatted for a bit via the interwebs and he posted the interview here.  Check it out if you are interested in nerdy audio talk!  Thanks, Mike! Also, you should follow Mike on the twitterverse:

Galactic Reign

Hey all!  A game that I helped out with last year went live on the Windows Store.  It’s called Galactic Reign.  It’s an asynchronous space-sim where you play against different people and try to build up your space fleet, colonize worlds, and destroy your opponent.  A super cool element occurs when you start combat with someone.  It throws everything up into the cloud and creates a procedural pre-rendered cinematic of the battle based off of you and your opponent’s stats and ships. … Continue reading

Quick Interview with “Get a Game Career”

Hey y’alls – Just a quick update that I had an impromptu five question Q&A with Deke over at Check it: Meet a Video Game Pro – Zack Quarles, Audio Director

Writing an Audio Design Document

I often get asked how I “start” a project.  This is a big question.  Multiple things happen all at the same time, but one of the “filters” that I generally use to collect all of these items into a centralized place is the Audio Design Document (also called an audio style guide, sonic bible, etc…).  This becomes a road-map for myself, the audio team, and the project team as a whole on how I guide the audio component of any project that … Continue reading

Job Openings: Machinegames – Audio Director & Senior Sound Designer

Two audio positions are available at Zenimax owned Machinegames. If living in Uppsala, Sweden and working on some bitchin’ titles is up your alley, take a look! Keep in mind, I am not the contact on these jobs. I’m just spreading the word. Hit the links to apply. Audio Director: Highly competent in running an audio department for a AAA game studio. Assumes the top position on the audio department, ensures the highest possible audio quality for the product, … Continue reading